API Issue Submission Guidelines and Status Definitions

Before submitting your API Issue:

  1. Review the submission guidelines and status definitions below.
  2. Search the Community for an already existing issue that matches yours.
  3. Contribute by liking and commenting on issues you are also experiencing.
  4. Submit your new post to report an API issue.

Issue Submission Guidelines

Remember to search. Don’t forget to search the Community before submitting something new. We don’t want you to waste your time writing something up that has already been submitted or already has an answer.

Draft your post. To help the Haven OnDemand team understand what is happening, clearly state your issue. Be sure to include the API you are using and the steps you took to see the issue. The more we know about the issue, the more likely we'll be able to address it.

Issue Status Definitions

We’ll review each issue and move it through the lifecycle described below.
  -Open: Newly reported issue. We’ll have a look as soon as possible to hopefully get some answers.
  -Needs More Detail: We don’t fully understand what you are reporting, so we’ve asked some questions in the comments section for that issue.
  -In Progress: The issue is being investigated by the Haven OnDemand product team. Issues may be in this status for a couple weeks, but we will try to get an answer for the Community as quickly as possible.
  -Not an Issue: This is given to posts that aren't API issues. We'll probably provide an explanation and might move the post to the discussion board.
  -Completed: The issue has been fixed! Thank you for reporting it.

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