Idea Submission Guidelines and Status Definitions

Before submitting your amazing idea:

  1. Review the submission guidelines and status definitions below.
  2. Search the Community for an already existing idea that matches yours.
  3. Contribute by liking and commenting on ideas you support.
  4. Submit your new idea to suggest an enhancement or new feature.

Idea Submission Guidelines

Remember to search. Don’t forget to search the Community before submitting something new. We don’t want you to waste your time writing something up that has already been submitted or already has an answer.

Draft your idea. To help the Community understand your idea, put the suggestion in the form of a user story. Be sure to include your rationale and value to other developers. The more we know about your idea – what it’s for, what the motivation is, and what the actual item is, the better we’ll be at prioritizing.

Consider using the following user story format:

As a (role) I want (something) so that (benefit).

Some things to include:
      -The Role: who is the feature for?
      -The Something: what is it that the user wants to do – the goal and/or desire?
      -The Benefit: why do they need it – what do they need to solve?
      -And additional descriptive context, such as:
        *Screenshots, pictures, drawings, process diagrams, etc.
        *Examples of other places or products where you’ve seen the feature or something like it.
        *A sense of priority or desired timeframe.

    And finally, don’t forget to LIKE and comment on other great ideas.

    Idea Status Definitions

    We’ll review each idea and gather feedback from the community to determine value, viability, and fit with Haven OnDemand’s ongoing strategy. Each idea will be moved through the lifecycle described below.
      -Open: Brand new idea, submitted by you, and ready to be evaluated by the Community. We’ll have a look within a couple days and set it on a course to get some answers.
      -Needs More Detail: We don’t fully understand what you are suggesting, so we’ve asked some questions in the comments section for that idea.
      -Under Review: Once the Community has had a chance to vet the idea, some ideas will require deeper dives by the Haven OnDemand development team. Items may be in this status for a couple weeks, but the devs will try to get back to the Community as quickly as possible.
      -Planned: Congrats! The idea has made it through our evaluation process, and it will be delivered in an upcoming release. If we can share the release date, we will.
      -Not at this Time: Ideas with this status are not being actively considered for the Haven OnDemand roadmap at this time. We may revisit these ideas in the future.
      -Completed: Yippee! The idea has been implemented. Check out the related release notes for details.

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