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Practice brain exercises

by Alexandra New Member on ‎03-29-2017 11:22

The human brain is a muscle which needs to be in shape just like your other parts of the body require. What do youdo to keep the other parts in shape? You exercise, you hit the gym to build muscle and keep it running for the dissertation proposal help so they don’t cramp.

Similarly, your brain needs to exercise and one way to achieve this is by playing engaging games such as Sudoku, crosswords and the likes thereof. There are a multitude of other apps for Android and iOS where you can download brain stimulants (exercises/games) to keep that supercomputer running.

Once you have your brain functioning in control you can remember things for your test/exam and perform better when writing your exam. Why? Your brain is not tired, it is not at rest rather it is active and helps you recall what you have prepared and studied when the going gets tough (read test).

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