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Typing the same material over and over? Use a macro

Do you find yourself typing the same material over and over again?  A macro may make your life easier.  The macro feature allows you to create a standard block of text that you can paste into any message with the simple click of a mouse.


To set up a macro:


  1. Sign in to the Community.
  2. In the right rail, in the “My Community” section, click on “Profile & Settings” to expand it and then click on “My User Settings.”
    screenshot1.JPG  screenshot2.JPG
  3. Click the “Macros” tab.  Fields for entering up to 20 macros will be displayed.
  4. In the “Macro 1 Title” field, enter a short title for your first macro.  The title should be short because it will show up in a pull-down menu. Make sure it is distinctive enough that you will remember which title belongs with which macro.
  5. In the Macro 1 field, enter the text you want to be able to paste.
  6. Enter any other macros you wish.
  7. Click the “Save” button, and your macros will be saved to your profile in the database.


To use a macro


  1. Log into the Community and navigate to a board where you want to post a message.
  2. Click “Post a Message.”
  3. Or, you can reply to an existing message by opening that message and clicking the “Reply” button.
  4. On the post screen, you will see a “Macros” menu.
  5. Click in the “Body” field where you want to paste your text. If the text is short, you could also paste it in the “Subject” field.
  6. Click on the “Macros” menu to open it, and select the macro you wish to paste. The text of your macro will paste where you have your cursor.
  7. Type any other text you wish in the message body.
  8. Click “Post.”


Note: If there is particular text that you wish to appear at the bottom of every message you post, put the text in a signature instead of a macro.

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