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Overview of IDOL OnDemand APIs

Please note that HP IDOL OnDemand is now HPE Haven OnDemand. The API endpoints have changed to Haven OnDemand. Please see the API documentation for more details.





About IDOL OnDemand
IDOL OnDemand is a growing set of RESTful APIs that help app developers understand and engage with human information, including text, images, social media, and app data. IDOL OnDemand enables developers to fully inquire, investigate, interact with, and improve human information, to pioneer a new generation of ground-breaking consumer and enterprise apps that push the boundaries of innovation.


What APIs are currently available in IDOL OnDemand?

The APIs that are currently part of IDOL OnDemand can be divided into the following functional categories:

  • Format Conversion
  • Conceptual Search
  • Text Analysis

Format Conversion

Extract text from more than 500 file formats, including PDF, text and word processing, mail, spreadsheet, presentation, archives, graphic, CAD and other file formats. Format Conversion APIs include:

  • Expand Container (processes archived files)
  • Text Extraction (from file)
  • Store Object (returns a future reference)


Find the relevant information you need. Return conceptually similar content from documents that match specific criteria such as keywords, text, Boolean expressions, and more. Sift through unlimited volumes of data to find information that relate to your question or area of interest, using conceptual and contextual search functions. Search APIs include:

  • Find Related Concepts 
  • Find Similar (conceptual comparison)
  • Get Parametric Values (Faceted Search)
  • Query Text Index

Text Analysis

Analyze the information and meta-data in your documents using the conceptual, contextual and social search capabilities of IDOL. Attribute weight to terms. Highlight terms. Expand terms. Identify and extract insights (a word, phrase, or block of information) to enrich your metadata and perform discovery searches. Text Analysis APIs include:

  • Expand terms (returns matching possible terms)
  • Highlight Text
  • Language Identification
  • Text Tokenization

URL Format

Like all RESTful APIs the IDOL OnDemand resources are accessed via their respective URI. The example URL below extracts text from a document using the Text Extraction API.


The syntax of all APIs follows the Text Extraction example: a base URL with platform version, an indication for synchronous or asynchronous access, API version and finally API identifier. The APIs are accessed via a GET request or a multipart form POST request when uploading documents.


On a Windows platform, the cURL command to extract text from a PDF file using the Text Extraction API looks as follows:


C:\Users\user1>curl -X POST ^
More? -F file=@C:\Users\user1\Documents\poster.pdf ^
More? -F apikey=apikey ^


Try Now

If you want to get started, you can try our APIs out directly on the detail page of each API, and then click the Try tab, to run a query via our web UI using quick examples.


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