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Live Blog: AngelHack #AH9 Austin, TX

HPE Haven OnDemand is a global sponsor of the 2016 AngelHack Global Hackathon Competition.




We are kicking off the global tour this weekend with #AH9 San Francisco and Austin.


Two hackathons. One Weekend. 


I am in Austin, Texas while our Developer Evangelist, Phong Vu, is representing us in San Francisco, California. 




Live blogging from Austin


First stop off the flight was a quick stop at Stubb's Bar-B-Q before the overnighter hackathon ahead. Having two hackathons on the same weekend meant this was the first event on my own without a Developer Evangelist by my side.


Having watched both of our Developer Evangelists, Tyler & Phong, present our platform and running techincal demos at numberous hackathon events, it is now time for me to step out of my comfort zone and show these hackers of #AH9 #Austion the power of our Haven OnDemand platform.


With minial tehcincal knowledge, to prep for my presentation and workshop, I spent the evening reviewing our APIs with the DEs remotely and polishing my public speaking skills.  




I ended the night feeling more in awe by our Haven OnDemand platform and by the support from my team.


Day 1 


AngelHack #AH9 Austin is taking place at the Maker Square on Brazos Street. Various groups of developers arrived around 9:00 am, filling the room with excitment and eagerness to start coding.




We kicked off the sponsor presentations around 10:00 am after some swagging (giveaways) and mingling over muffins and bagels. 


HPE Haven OnDemand Sponsor Challenge: Build the most innovative cognitive computing solution to augement human intelligence using HPE Haven OnDemand natural language processing, manchine learning, and predictive analytics APIs.


Winning prize is a GoPro for each memeber of the team. Who will be our Austin winners?


Day 2


Judging time. Execellent results: 7 out of 10 teams used our HPE Haven OnDemand APIs.



Job seeker takes an assessment test. The results are analyzed to provide job suggestions that might be a good fit.


"Employers use the tool to add a number of passages/articles and the HPE Haven OnDemand APIs are leveraged to extract key content out of the passages which is then used to intelligently generate the assessment test. HPE Haven OnDemand APIs are also used to recommend job matches based on the results of the assessment test."


API(s) used: Smart Object , Predict and Concept Extraction.

Automating sales through artificial intelligence and analytics. transcribe calls and analyze customer questions and sentiments. 


API(s) used: Speech Recognition, Entity Extraction, Concept Extraction & Sentiment Analysis.




We allow businesses to benefit from swarms of internet marketers and people to benefit financially from promoting businesses.


Push is a digital marketing plug-in to wordpress, allowing independent marketers to assist small to mid-size business ownesr with their marketing and PR efforts. The app uses our Sentiment Analysis to filter and alert business owners negative reviews from customers, allowing the owners to provide quick repsonse to triage the negative press. 


API used: Sentiment Analysis.


VoCal - Voice Contact Management System

VoCal allows the user to enter contact information through HPE Haven OnDemand's OCR and then ask Alexa what opportunities and follow ups they have coming up. It solves the problem with following up with people post networking events.


Feedback from one of the AngelHack guest judges: "Strong demo with scanning the business card and having it successfully fill in the information." 


API used: OCR and Entity Extraction.



App monitors driver for distracted driving and sleepiness


StayAlert is a mobile app. Drivers can mount their phone to their dashboard when getting in their cards. It uses the front facing camera of your phone to monitor your alertness on the road and detects if your face is showing sleepiness/distraction. The phone will ring to alert you if drowsiness is detected.




API used: Face Detection.


Next step, Rahul hopes to incorporate HPE Haven OnDemad's Trend Prediction API. 



Sentiment Analysis of customer reviews.


Customer Reactions.jpg


Customer-Reactions App used our HPE Haven OnDemand Sentiment Analysis API: 

  1. Fed all reviews matching the business, Yelp star count, and start/stop dates into the Sentiment analysis.
  2. For each result, we picked out the part of the topic which we felt would be most helpful to the businesses (the nouns).
  3. We then aggregated the data and got the summary statistics for the results of the Sentiment Analysis (between -100% and 100%) for each topic, which we represented on the front end as purple dots (showing for each topic the 0th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th percentile of the sentiments expressed on that topic).

 API used: Sentiment Analysis



Bridges the Information gap for International Students. UniConnect allows prospective international student to connect with US universities' current students to make decisions and a better insight with the schools they plan to attend.


"Our product bridges the existing information barrier by getting real people in touch with each other. We provide real-time, accurate and quick info about the courses and universities straight from the current students. Now the advisor (current student) would have already done extensive research and would be having all good and bad experiences with the whole process of graduate studies. We would allow them to leverage that knowledge/ experience to guide aspiring students and make extra cash in the process. That way it is a win-win situation at both the ends."


To create a profile, both prospective students and advisors must submit their resumes. UniConnect uses HPE Haven OnDemand's Text Extraction, Entity Extraction and Concept Extraction to prase the resumes. Face Detection, Speech Recognition and Sentiment Analysis APIs were used for the video conferencing/chat feature and rating portion of the app.




Congrats to our Haven OnDemand Sponsor Challenge winners of AngelHack Austin 2016: UniConnect!


I had a wonderful weekend in Austin with all of you hackers. Lots of good BBQs and conversations shared. Thank you again for choosing HPE Haven OnDemand.


For those of you reading this, hope to see you at the upcoming AngelHack Global Competition cities. Coming up next - Seattle, April 16-17. 






Haven OnDemand Team 

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