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Introducing the fastest way to add intelligence to all your apps

HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations: The fastest way to add intelligence to all your apps


APIs have sometimes been described as one-trick ponies, designed to automate a single task such as transcribing speech-to-text from audio/video files, performing sentiment analysis on text, or even extracting concepts from text to save as metadata for data enrichment. While these capabilities are incredibly powerful and valuable, they are in essence only designed to do just that one thing.

Developers and data scientists building data enrichment pipelines with such APIs have typically had to invest a lot of time figuring out the optimal ways to integrate and chain these APIs in all their apps while at the same time struggling to minimize lines of code, testing and latency in apps.


Combinations vs traditional chains.png


HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations is the latest solution from HPE Haven OnDemand that now makes this tedious task quicker, easier, and more efficient than ever before by providing a Marketplace of cognitive services for Enterprise applications, along with tools for developers to easily chain and publish new combination APIs with services tailored to suit their business needs using the 60+ Machine Learning APIs from HPE Haven OnDemand.


HPE Haven OnDemand already provides easy to use Machine Learning APIs that allow developers to connect, extract, analyze, index, search, & predict with contextual understanding. Using the new HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations Canvas, a browser-based GUI, developers can chain two or more of these APIs to create a near infinite number of Combination APIs while maintaining the same simple integration as before, and continued support for mainstream programming languages and platforms.


Combinations - OSII API.png


With the benefit of only a single API to implement and call, Combination APIs can further reduce the application development process from days to minutes, and enables standardization and reuse of customizable services across an organization, something every developer that supports multiple platform implementations will appreciate.


Combinations - OSII Java.png


HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations Marketplace


In keeping with the API catalog, the Combinations Marketplace provides a catalog of public and private APIs, the main difference being that Combination APIs allow you to publish your own (combination) APIs to the catalog which in turn enables you to reuse and deploy the services across all of your apps.


The Marketplace is organized into logical sections:


Combinations - Marketplace Navigation.png

Business use cases


While no two businesses are identical, many share common use cases for data processing and analytics. For this reason, some of the more common business use cases have been prebuilt and published for you to use right away and with as little effort as copy & paste of the API implementation code into you app. At launch you will find new APIs for Call Archiving, Multimedia Indexing and Open-Source Intelligence Indexing from JSON. This is simply the beginning.


Take for example Open-Source Intelligence. Data-driven insights for business intelligence are essential to every successful organization, and the Open Source Intelligence Indexing API automates and orchestrates most of the steps needed to analyze, enrich, and index publically available data sources that can give your business a real competitive advantage. Enriching an array of documents with Sentiment, Language, People, Places and Companies has never been easier.





Individual APIs typically output JSON with their response. The growing collection of converters are essentially utilities that help you to take the output from one API and perform the data transformation you need in order to use that output as an input to the next API in your chain.


Combinations - JsonPathExtract.pngProbably the most commonly used converter is the JsonPathExtract utility. This little gem makes it easy to specify the path in the JSON output to the data you need, and then outputs this data as a string that can be used as you wish or as an input to the next API in your chain.






These combination APIs do what they say on the tin, they simply demonstrate a few simple combinations to help make it easier for new users to understand how they work.




The Enrichment group of combination APIs are the data analysts dream come true. These APIs are pre-built to handle the most common data enrichment tasks faced by most data-rich organizations.


My combinations


My combinations is where you will find all the private combinations that you have built and published. If you don’t find a pre-built combination to suit your needs, you can either customize one of the existing combinations, or start from scratch and build a new combination. The choice is yours.


The fastest way to add open-source intelligence to all your apps


In conclusion, HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations enables developers to improve time to market and ROI for app development and IT modernization projects with rapid integration of cognitive services designed to accelerate development with fewer lines of code, reduced testing with reusable APIs, and improved app performance with fewer API calls and less latency. Combinations is the fastest possible way to add intelligence to apps and increase ROI for your business. It’s like plug and play Machine Learning for Enterprise apps.


HPE Combinations is available now. Click here to request access today!


Combinations - signup.png

efroselli Level 4
| ‎08-30-2016 04:04

Great stuff! It really is a big step forwards as well as great fun and playful!

However, the Share buttons at the top of this page are not working, which is a pity because I want to tell the world about this!

efroselli Level 4
| ‎09-01-2016 03:59

The Scoial Media links are working now. Thanks for that! These Combinations are just far too much FUN to keep to ourselves!

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