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Free Enterprise Hackathon // OCT 17-18 WA, DC

We are so excited to sponsor the first ever Free Enterprise Hackathon presented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Join us this weekend, October 17-18th, in Washington, DC.


The Free Enterprise Hackathon, powered by AngelHack, will bring together some of the tri-state area’s most talented developers, designers, data scientists and entrepreneurs to compete over 36 hours by building amazing tools and web-based applications for  


Join our technical session tonight via WebEx with our Developer Evangelists, @TylerNappy 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 // 6:30-8:30 pm EST 

Sign up here 


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--- Live Blogging


Friday Oct 16 


#Seizethedata Haven OnDemand team has arrived in Washington DC. 


steps of wa.JPG

We are at the heart of American history, ready to take an innovation forward with U.S. Chamber of Commerce #FreeEnterpriseHack.


Saturday Oct 17 10:00 AM


Good morning! We are live at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the first ever Free Enterprise Hackathon powered by AngelHack. If you are near H Street, or in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi or even better, join us. How many of you can say you attended a hackathon across from the White House?! And did I mention, there is light sabers, arcade machines, Connect 4 and food that actually looks like food?


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has really outdone themselves with the setup, clearly a lot of efforts and thoughts was put in the details to ensure a positive hacking experience for the sponsors and the attendees. As told by the Chamber staffs, this is the first ever gathering they've hosted with arcade machines and beanbags.


Without a doubt a pretty unique experience to be in a gorgeous marble building with high ceiling chandeliers, winding staircases, and security staffs in black suits, listening to 808 beats and watching hackers starting to make their dramatic formal ascends up the gold trimmed entrance. This is going to be an exciting 36 hours together! Come join our Haven OnDemand challenge and #seizethedata with us on H Street.


Saturday Oct 17 11:00 AM 


Tom Speech.jpg

Free Enterprise Hackathon Challenge: Create a web application or tool to show the positive effect that business have across the US particularly in terms of job creation and economic growth. 


"We are really glad you guys are here! We are a 100+ year-old institution but we try not to act like it. We want to clear the field so that you can pave the way of innovation with us," Tom Collamore, Senior Vice President, Communications & Strategy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


"We are excited to see what can happen next for and we are hoping you can help us with that," James Sneeringer, Senior Director, Online Communications, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


Here are the datasets available to the hackers this weekend: ADP Small Business Report, ADP Regional Employment Report, D&B Direct 2.0, Bureau of Labor Statistics Database, Tables & Calculators by Subject, Census Bureau: Business Dynamics Statistics, Economic Indicators Time Series, The 2015 Planning Database, and Economic Census, Census API - By Coordinates, and Quandl: USA GDP Growth Data, USA Employment, and Startup and Venture Capitalist.


tyler presenting.JPGSeize the date with our 70+ APIs: Speech to text, Text extraction, Face detection, Logo recognition, Entity extraction, Barcode recognition, Sentiment analysis and more.


@TylerNappy, Developer Evangelist, presentating our Haven OnDemand Challenge.


Ready. Set. Hack.


Saturday Oct 17 1:00 PM


Phong Vu, another Developer Evangelist, just took the stage presenting our Haven OnDemand workshop, giving #freeenterprisehack attendees an overview on Indexing. 


Indexing allows you to store data and documents in Haven OnDemand, and then perform search, find similar documents, or find related concepts throughout this index. 


This short Indexing 101 how-to-guide briefly explains how to implement indexing with Haven OnDemand from 1) creating an index to store all your data in, 2) adding data to your index and 3) finally searching through it. 


See here for the Create Text Index API documentation and full overview.

URL endpoint:[sync|async]/createtextindex/v1


See here for the Add Text to Index API documentation and full overview.

URL endpoint:[sync|async]/addtotextindex/v1


See here for Query Text Index API documentation and full overview.

URL endpoint:[sync|async]/querytextindex/v1


Tip: Don't forget to use the List Resources API to detect and use Haven OnDemand public indexes such as Wikipedia, US Patents 2002-2014 and News.


Next up, Tyler will be doing a live demo code on sentiment analysis. Tyler ended his interactive session by challenging the crowd to text a positive statements to his number and whoever gets a positive sentiment score closest to 0.53 wins a prize. Check out the demo code here.


#HPBigData #SeizetheData fans and yes, we have female t-shirts for all you girl coders out there!


seize the data girl.jpgtshirthacker.JPG 


Saturday Oct 17 5:00 PM


IMG_2251.JPGThis group of friends met each other at a previous hackathon and are all developers residing in Washington, DC.  


For Free Enterprise Hackathon they are using Census API - By Coordinates dataset with Haven OnDemand sentiment analysis to build an app that will answer the following questions:


1) Where are all the jobs?

2) What are the top sectors?

3) Are there risks to the business?


Saturday Oct 17 7:00 PM


Dinner has been served: veggie and beef lasagna, salad and an assortment of desserts complimentary of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce kitchen.


Saturday Oct 17 9:30 pm


Clocking about 12 hours and 13 mins onsite, some are hacking and some are dreaming ... 



Sunday Oct 18 7:00 AM


Quiet morning on the hill. With only three hours remaining from submission deadline, teams are still working hard on their apps. 


Sunday Oct 19 10:30 AM


Almost 11:00 AM, 30 more minutes left till submission deadline. Phong has been busy most of this morning assisting Team Equilibrium Point on using our Prediction API for their app. 


Equlibrium Point is an online tool that helps to identify the best places (geographical region, city, state) to start a new company based upon revenue and/or growth data i.e - use data to find out where and why that location is booming by providing an overview of city and Identify demand and supply for each business category to find equilibrium point based on business type.


Here is a list of projects some of the other teams are creating:


Hua Wang, Co-founder of SmartBridge Group and Kauffman Foundation Global Scholar, is working on an app call Job Hunt. Job Hunt aims to provide job seekers, small and medium businesses and governments with the facts and insights on which to base strategic and policy decisions. The technologies, Hua and her teammate, Mike, are using are: Angular, Haven OnDemand, and Node.js.


Comm Sight: Lens you needed for your business is an interactive web- based application designed to provide entrepreneurs and established business owners with a visual interpretation of the critical data needed to start-up and stay in business. Minh, a full stack software developer with expertise in frontend, mobile, backend, and cloud, and his teammates are using, mean stack, Bureau of Labor statistics and Haven OnDemand. 


Developer and entrepreneur Daniel Carter, along with his teammates, Julien (Designer), Joseph, Zhengning (Developer), and Seth are building a growth economic trends map call GetMap. GetMap will be a radically different method of visually quantifying the impact of SMBs on society. By taking mountains of disconnected datasets and combining them into a simple score value, the team has been able to create a very simple expression of how an economy is impacted by SMB growth. They are using flask, nodejs, javascript, python and angular.


A bight look at the nation, IronHack 2015, utilizes the Quandl platform to access the FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) and HavenOnDemand's index query and sentiment analysis to gain a visual insight into patterns occurring over time throughout the US. Wondering how developer Henry and his team came up with their team name IronHack 2015? Free Enterprise - > Fe -> Iron. Hence "Iron"Hack. Creative group fellas!


Clearly, ideas like these are the fresh air of innovation the 100+ old Chamber of Commerce was looking for when they set out to host their very first hackathon. The hackers have worked hard in the past 36+ hours to bring their ideas to fruition. Looking forward for Round One of Judging to start at 12:30 PM.


Sunday Oct 18 12:30 PM


Prensetation time!


On the judging panel we have: 

  • Nick Meads - Account Executive for Associations and Advocacy, Google
  • Margaret Shepard - Editor-in-Chief, Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • James Sneeringer - Senior Director of Online Communications, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Brittany Heyd - Managing Director and General Counsel, 1776

Presentation Order:

  1. Equilibrium Point
  2. Job Hunt
  3. Comm Sight
  4. GETMap
  5. IronHack
  6. Show Me
  7. GeoNimbus

Haven OnDemand's sentiment analysis continues to be the popular API with the hackers.


Sunday Oct 18 1:30 PM


Winner of our Haven OnDemand Chanllenge is Job Hunt. They were also selected as the 2nd Place winner of the 2015 Free Enterprise Hack. Congrats to Mike Whitfield of Spiritway and Hua Wang.


Our Developer Evangelist, Tyler, will post a more indepth techinical event recap this week. Click here for Tyler's recap.


Thank you again U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Free Enterprise and Angel Hack for having us and to all of you for following us and chosing our Haven OnDemand APIs. 



| ‎10-21-2015 04:24

Thanks for the shoutout (and for the GoPros!).  One minor request - can you please update the link to my company, SmartBridge? The correct link is:

Level 6
| ‎10-22-2015 11:00

@huawang0link is updated. Congrats again and hope to stay in touch! Looking forward to hearing more about your hackathon adventures ahead. Not bad for your first one :) Send us your GoPro footages.

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