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Enrich Unstructured Data with Combinations and Text Extraction API

Combinations let you create powerful, customized applications from Haven OnDemand's more than 70 data analytics APIs, stringing them together in a user-friendly GUI with minimal coding.


This video is the first of a two part series on how to use HPE Haven OnDemand API Combinations to process and enrich your own real-world unstructured data. It covers unformatted data in a wide range of file types.  



You will see how to extract text from the hundreds of file formats supported by HPE's powerful KeyView technology, and enrich it with entity, language and sentiment information.


It makes use of some Combinations that have already been set up for you, but nests them under an extra input layer so that you can use them with your own files.


Specifically, we are using:

  • The Text Extraction API
  • The JsonPathExtract Utility
  • The Enrich group of Public Combinations
    • And in particular, the complex Combination called Enrich Single Document

From there, it is an easy matter to extend functionality, for example, indexing your documents with a Haven OnDemand text index or adding in other analytic operations.


For a written version of this tutorial, see the Documentation page, Use Case - Enrich Output from Haven OnDemand Text Extraction API .


Stay tuned for Use Case 2, covering data that is already in a Haven OnDemand text index, and showing you how to enrich output from the Query Text Index API.

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