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Angelhack AH9 NYC - Manhattan and Brooklyn

We just finished up the NY portion of the AngelHack series, starting with the Manhattan event on June 11th - 12th and the Brooklyn event this past weekend. Both events had great turn outs and some pretty sweet projects!




Fluent - 1st place

Fluent acts as a translator between people who don’t speak each other's languages. Users talk to the app in their own language and this audio then gets fed to our Speech Recognition API to transcribe the speech to text. The resulting text gets put into a translator API which translates what the person said into the other person’s language. This is then read out to the other user so they can understand what the first user was saying.



This team created an app that allows teams who share an email inbox prioritize and improve replies by identifying patterns in email content and sending habits by using our Sentiment Analysis API.




ClWBVPnWQAAh2I2.jpgCurator - 1st place

Curator shows differences in current events as told by mainstream media and social media by uncovering truths and biases. Users type in a topic they wish to know more about it. The app then pulls in articles and social media posts about this topic from media outlets, such as the New York Times, and from social media, such as Facebook, respectively. These are then fed into our Concept Extraction API to see the main concepts talked about in each of these and are then displayed in a word cloud for users to more easily digest the information. It is here you can see discrepancies in how the media portrays stories and how the public does.



Guns are a pressing political issue with, in what seems, an increase in public shootings recently. This team developed a web app that polls tweets tagged with geolocation, pushes each of these up to our Sentiment Analysis API, and creates a heat map that varies from location to location of how sentimental the public feels on gun control issues.



Online dating can be intimidating to some, especially when creating those long and tedious profiles. Wingbot is a chatbot that helps you through the process by talking you through creating them! Wingbot ask you questions about yourself and you simply answer them. After your conversation is complete, the chatbot spits out sample profiles for some of the major dating sites based on your discussion. Copy and paste this into your profile and you’re ready to start mingling.



Alzheimer's is a growing epidemic affecting numerous people each year. DoctorX aims to catch the onset of this disease. Research has indicated that people who are in the initial stages of the disease tend to spend more frivolously and wander around more than others. Using GPS tracking and spending habits from credit card APIs, this data is feed into our Prediction APIs to accurately detect whether a person is developing Alzheimer’s.



Oftentimes, it can be difficult to find like minded individuals and people with similar interests when attending college. Caffeine aims to make meeting others like you easier and more streamlined. Users create a profile with their interests, which gets stored into one of our text indexes. They can then find similar people using our Find Similar API and can continue chatting through an in app messaging system.



We’ll be in Silicon Valley next weekend for the last hurrah of the AngelHack AH9 summer series. If you’re in the area, be sure to come and participate!

efroselli Level 4
‎06-23-2016 02:32 - edited ‎06-23-2016 02:35

Great work and it's lovely to see all this ingenious creativity, so please don't take my banter amiss, it's just amusement. :)

  • I know Machine Translation is one of the great future horizons for Big Data, but I suspect your 1st place finisher Fluent may have occasioned a degree of mirth! If the UK Brexits today, let's try it out on some of those trade deals we'll have to renegotiate.
  • Based on its assumptions, DoctorX is very likely to classify me as senile. Perhaps it's right.


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